Your Property Dispute

Commercial and residential property mediation

Mediation is ideal for property disputes. It addresses your real needs, and allows you and your opponent to create your own solutions in a way that invariably cannot be done by a court. Property mediation will end the uncertainty of litigation, continuing anxiety and horrendous costs. Once the case is settled you will be able to get on with your business and move on with your life.

Facilitating transactions

Property mediation is not just about disputes. If you are a contracting party involved in complex contractual negotiations property mediation can help you and your negotiating partner get over those hurdles that are making it more difficult to do a deal. This can happen at the beginning of a business relationship or, for example, when renewing a lease.

About you

You may be one of the following, or a solicitor or barrister representing such a person:

  • Landlord or tenant – commercial or residential
  • Housing association
  • Neighbour
  • Property developer
  • Property owner

  • Buyer or seller of a property
  • Property manager
  • Family member
  • Farmer
  • Business

Your property dispute

You may have one of the following disputes, all of which can be solved by property mediation:

Land/Real Property Disputes

There are many disputes relating to land. Sometimes they are between neighbours, sometimes between people buying, selling or developing land. On other occasions they are between land-owners and public authorities. All these disputes can be settled by property mediation.

  • Boundaries and adverse possession
  • Rights of way, rights of light and other easements
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Party walls
  • Misrepresentation claims and other conveyancing disputes
  • Options and overage
  • Mortgages

  • Property development and complex purchases
  • Joint ventures and partnership disputes
  • Negotiating purchases
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Compulsory purchase
  • Planning

Commercial Landlord and Tenant

Mediation is suitable where parties want to reach a settlement and go their separate ways. It is also ideal where the relationship is to continue. That can often be the case in commercial landlord and tenant disputes.

  • Negotiating leases
  • 1954 Act lease renewals – friendly
    and hostile
  • Consents to assignment, sub-letting, alterations
  • Rent Reviews

  • Break clauses
  • Dilapidations
  • Forfeiture and possession
  • Guarantees and Indemnities
  • Rent deposits
  • Service charges

Residential Leases and Tenancies

Whether one is concerned with the private or public sector, residential tenancies or long leases property mediation provides an effective method of resolving disputes.

  • Possession claims
  • Rent Act tenancies
  • Consents to assignment, sub-letting, alterations or development
  • Housing disrepair

  • Enfranchisement
  • Estate management
  • Right to first refusal and right to buy
  • Service charge disputes

Family and Inheritance Disputes

Special considerations apply to family disputes. A high degree of empathy is required but there are also legal issues that need to be understood.

  • Co-ownership
  • Financial settlements on divorce

  • Inheritance & administration of estates
  • Family business disputes

Professional Negligence

Sometimes there are disputes between professionals and their clients in relation to property and you may be involved such a dispute.

  • Solicitors and barristers
  • Surveyors and valuers

  • Property managers
  • Project managers

What we can do for you

We can help you to resolve your property dispute in whichever category it falls. All our property mediators have extensive experience in resolving a broad range of property disputes as legal professionals and as mediators.

Using their backgrounds as specialist property solicitors and barristers and their well-acknowledged skills as mediators they will help you to find a solution to your dispute. They fully understand all the technical issues that arise and speak the language of property law and disputes. After decades in private practice they are familiar with the commercial and psychological drivers behind disputes and the sort of solutions that can be reached.