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"Your authority, perseverance and your good humour played a key part in achieving the final settlement

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Professional Background

Between 1987 and 2012, Iain was head of the Real Estate disputes practice at Nabarro LLP. He joined Ashurst LLP in 2012, and was head of their Real Estate disputes practice until 2018. In those 30 years of practice in the Real Estate sector, Iain has worked for a wide range of clients on contractual, development and landlord and tenant disputes. His focus has been on high value litigation and arbitration. 

He has led teams on a significant number of large cases, some taken to trial, others resolved by negotiation or mediation. Iain had responsibility for the development of both firm’s contentious Real Estate practice, and worked closely with their transactional teams in providing strategic advice and dispute avoidance.

Mediation Experience

Iain has extensive experience, both as a mediator and as a practising solicitor in a wide range of disputes, including;

  • Interpretation of service charge obligations owed by owners of football stadium.
  • Interpretation of profit share provisions under a development agreement.
  • Dispute over land subsidence between Highway Authority and adjoining landowner.
  • Claim for damages for breach of an implied duty of confidentiality, relating to a regeneration site near the Olympic Stadium.
  • Claim for damages for breach of covenant for quiet enjoyment and derogation from grant and failure to provide services in a landmark London building.
  • Rights of reverter over railway land for development.
  • Lease renewal proceedings opposed on grounds of intention to occupy by landlord
  • Multi-tenanted motorway service station; claim for damages for fraudulent misrepresentation and termination of leasing agreements.
  • Dispute over interpretation of overage clause rising out of development of land
  • Claim by landlord for cost of remediation works following expiry of lease
  • Break up of assets of family business.
  • Landlords claim for possession following breaches of covenant and counterclaim for relief from forfeiture
  • Shareholder dispute relating to division of profits following completion of development.

Other Experience

  • Seven years as Chairman of a board of Trustees of a defined benefit pension scheme, negotiating two triennial funding agreements with the employer and the Pensions Regulator.
  • Appointed by National Basketball Association and International Federation of Basketball Associations to determine disputes between member clubs arising out of the transfer of players.
  • Founder member and former Chairman of Property Litigation Association.
  • Honorary member of Arbrix.
  • Co-author of Distress for Rent (Jordans).
  • Speaker at industry events on current topics and writing articles and client publications.
  • Member of joint Law Society/Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Working Party on PACT, which established a voluntary scheme for renewal of business tenancies.

Mediation Style

Iain first acted as a mediator in 1999 and has spent the last 20 years running two busy and highly successful real estate disputes practices, and finding time to develop a mediation practice. Iain is a natural communicator, bringing to the parties in mediation a combination of legal and commercial skills. His calm, relaxed manner belies tenacity. He believes in the importance of controlling the mediation process. His mediation work has focused almost exclusively on the property sector.

He has a great deal of hands-on experience in gaining the cooperation of those working with him, and in helping to solve problems. He offers a practical and problem-solving approach to help the parties achieve a workable solution to their dispute.


Iain was accredited as a Mediator by ADR Group in 1999.


Iain enjoys his cycling, bridge, sailing and the theatre, as well as good food and company, especially that of his three children, all of whom are now developing their own careers.

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