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"Gary is appreciated for his knowledge of property law, his ability to calm angry people down, and his willingness to tell someone politely, who is being unrealistic, that they probably need to change their goals."

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Professional Background

Gary is a full-time mediator who has mediated over 600 disputes. He was a practising barrister for 22 years specialising in property law.  He is the co-author of Business Premises: Possession and Lease Renewal, 7ed (Sweet & Maxwell) and co-author of Residential Possession Proceedings, 10ed (Sweet & Maxwell).

Gary was the founder and general editor of the property law website at and for many years was on the editorial board of the White Book. He is an associate member of Tanfield Chambers and for 19 years sat as a Deputy District Judge.

Mediation Experience

Gary is a full-time mediator and has mediated over 600 disputes. He has extensive experience, both as a barrister and as a mediator, in a wide range of commercial and property disputes:

  • Landlord and tenant disputes (commercial and residential)
  • Telecoms disputes.
  • Disputes involving boundaries, rights of way and other easements
  • Conveyancing and misrepresentation claims
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Property joint ventures
  • Co-ownership and trust disputes
  • Inheritance Act claims and probate disputes
  • Property related negligence claims and other areas of property law.
  • Various commercial disputes.

Gary also has a great deal of experience in family disputes having mediated many cases between parents and children, siblings, separating couples and divorcing partners. Much of this work has related to the dissolution of family businesses, co-ownership and trusts, inheritance and administration of estates.

Other Experience

Gary sat as a Deputy District Judge for 19 years.

He is a regular judge at the International Chamber of Commerce mediation competition in Paris each year, at which 66 universities from around the world compete, giving feedback and guidance.  He loves teaching about mediation to the next generation of mediators, and often does workshops for fellow mediators and those who use mediation.

Mediation Style

Gary’s style is relaxed, friendly and empathic. He calms things down and listens carefully so as to understand what the parties really want and need. He focuses on solutions and steers the parties in that direction from an early stage in the mediation.

He is exceedingly patient but will speak plainly when required. His background in property law allows him quickly to grasp any technical issues, reality test where necessary, suggest possible solutions and to help with the practical matters that arise during drafting. Except in limited circumstances he is not the sort of mediator who goes on late into the night


Gary Webber is trained both as a commercial and civil mediator, and as a family mediator. He was accredited as a mediator by the ADR Group in 2001 and has a diploma in Group facilitation, Conflict Resolution and Counselling Skills. He attended the Advanced Mediation course with MATA in 2016. Gary is a Fellow of the Civil Mediation Council.

He continually seeks to develop his skills and bring these experiences to his mediations.


When Gary is not mediating he enjoys travel, cycling and keeping fit, cooking and eating and, occasionally, riding when on holiday. 

Gary lives in Bristol and mediates primarily in London, the South West and the Midlands. He also mediates online using Zoom.

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