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Professional liability

You may be making a claim against a professional person or be that person; or you may be a solicitor or barrister for one of the parties, or a PII insurer for the person defending a claim.

Policy and coverage

You will hold, or have an interest in, a contract of insurance or be an insurer.

Your dispute

Professional liability

Our mediators all have substantial experience dealing with professional liability claims and many of the disputes we deal with are concerned with claims against professionals involved with property. This includes claims against:

  • Solicitors and barristers
  • Surveyors and valuers
  • Estate agents 
  • Property managers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Project managers
  • Financial advisers
  • Insurance brokers
  • Designers and manufacturers

Insurance policy and coverage disputes

We also mediate insurance coverage disputes. 

There may be a dispute over the terms of the policy, the extent of cover, the insurers' rejection of a claim or avoidance of a policy.

Disputes may involve claims concerning:

  • Misrepresentation and non-disclosure
  • Under insurance
  • Overstatement of claims
  • Notification
  • Aggregation
  • Non-compliance with policy conditions
  • Interpretation of policy wording
  • Contributions between multiple insurers.

The Property Mediators are all seasoned property specialists with decades of experience. Their depth of knowledge and expertise puts clients at ease and there is no property problem they cannot handle. Having mediated with all the Property Mediators I always know that my client’s chances of a good settlement are better when one of them is mediating it.

Lawrence McDonald, barrister. Exchange Chambers

What we can do for you

We can help you to resolve your property dispute by mediation. All our property mediators have extensive experience in resolving a broad range of property disputes as legal professionals and as mediators.

Using their backgrounds as specialist property solicitors and barristers and their well-acknowledged skills as mediators they will help you to find a solution to your dispute.

They fully understand all the technical issues that arise and speak the language of property law and disputes. After decades in private practice they are familiar with the commercial and psychological drivers behind disputes and the sort of solutions that can be reached.

What next? – property mediation

We have a select panel of experienced specialist property mediators that you and the other party can use to choose a suitable person to help resolve your dispute. You can see the profiles of our mediators on our Property Mediators page.
Gary Webber
Jacqui Joyce
Sarah Benbow
Sue O'Brien
Iain Travers
John de Waal
Rupert Cohen
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