Facilitating Property Transactions

Helping you resolve your differences

Property mediation is not just about disputes. If you are a contracting party involved in complex contractual negotiations facilitation by an experienced property mediator can help you and your negotiating partner get over those hurdles that are making it more difficult to do a deal.

What can we do?

We facilitate negotiation and resolution at any stage of a property-related interaction, whether that relates to freehold or leasehold property or any associated rights and interests. We can help parties to avoid becoming stuck or help them to sort things out quickly, effectively and economically when they do.

What types of situation?

Anything where differences of opinion, need or interest between the parties are making direct dealings more difficult than usual or where the nature of the transaction makes it likely that difficulties may arise in the future.

There are many different ways in which we can help you to make your property project happen. These range from facilitating negotiations for the sale and acquisition of interests in land, via helping you and other interested parties (including relevant authorities), find ways to identify and resolve potential problems before they arise, to addressing the way forward when something has gone wrong. 

Some examples

  • With a confidential understanding of each party’s particular needs, we can assist with the complex negotiations surrounding the creation of a workable portfolio of property interests for major development.
  • Once a property project is underway it can easily fall victim to unforeseen problems. We can step in as a neutral to liaise with all interested parties to find acceptable solutions and keep the project on track. In an appropriate case you may wish to involve us from the outset so that we are thoroughly familiar with the project and the background to any issue which may arise.
  • We act as facilitators in discussions between developers, planning authorities and concerned local residents to enable all participants to be heard and issues addressed in mutually acceptable ways.
  • When parties have stalled in Landlord and Tenant negotiations or in discussions about the terms of a sale and purchase agreement, we can help refocus and assist with finding solutions to enable the deal to proceed.

What is the format?

Very flexible, designed in consultation with the parties to meet the needs of the particular case. This might include moderating meetings in person or online, talking to the separate participants by telephone, online or face to face and liaising between them, reviewing documents, summarising and assisting with the creation of agreements and action plans. We are happy to deal with matters on a single occasion or in stages.

What does it cost?

We charge a read in fee of £750 + VAT for up to 250 pages, then a basic fee depending on the value of the transaction, which covers virtual or physical meetings and/or phone discussions totalling up to 8 hours.

If the matter requires further time beyond that point and the parties wish to continue with the process, then we charge an hourly rate thereafter, which again depends on the value of the transaction. 

For full fee details please go to our Facilitating Transactions Fees page.

What we can do for you

We can help you to resolve your property dispute by mediation. All our property mediators have extensive experience in resolving a broad range of property disputes as legal professionals and as mediators.

Using their backgrounds as specialist property solicitors and barristers and their well-acknowledged skills as mediators they will help you to find a solution to your dispute.

They fully understand all the technical issues that arise and speak the language of property law and disputes. After decades in private practice they are familiar with the commercial and psychological drivers behind disputes and the sort of solutions that can be reached.

What next? – property mediation

We have a select panel of experienced specialist property mediators that you and the other party can use to choose a suitable person to help resolve your dispute. You can see the profiles of our mediators on our Property Mediators page.
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Sue O'Brien
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