This section of the site gives you access to the mediation agreement that will be used and some notes that give advice on how to prepare for mediation and some guidance as to what happens on the day.

You can also download questionnaires to complete that the mediator will find extremely helpful in preparing for the mediation. They will also help you to clarify your needs, options and strategy prior to the mediation.

There is also a feedback form that you can complete after the mediation is over should you so wish. We welcome feedback and this will give you the opportunity to make any comments you may have on the process and will help us improve the service we provide.

Mediation agreement

This is the mediation agreement that you will be asked to sign if you choose to mediate using one of our mediators. (Claims up to and including £1m – see the fees page for more details about fees where the value of the claim is £1m or greater).


Mediation agreement (half day)

This is the agreement that will be used if the parties decide upon a half-day mediation (four hours). (Claim up to and including £1m – see the fees page for more details).


Multi-party agreement

This is the agreement that will be used where there are more than two parties involved in the mediation. (Claim up to and including £1m – see the fees page for more details).


Preparing for mediation

This is a set of notes which explains how to prepare for the mediation and what to expect on the day.


Mediation questionnaire (solicitor)

This questionnaire asks the basic information that the Property Mediator will need to have including the venue for the mediation, costs, the basic facts and issues in the case etc.


Confidential mediation questionnaire (client; individuals)

This questionnaire gives the parties to the mediation the opportunity to express to the mediator what is most important to them and helps the mediator to prepare the mediation before it starts. This form is appropriate for individuals. The completed questionnaire is confidential and is not passed onto the other side.


Confidential mediation questionnaire (client; companies / organisations)

This confidential questionnaire is similar to the one above but is more appropriate for companies and other organisations.


Feedback form

This is a form that you can complete after the mediation, to give you the opportunity to express any thoughts you might have about the process and to help us to improve our service.


Complaints procedure

The Property Mediators are committed to providing high quality mediation services. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service please feel free to use this complaints procedure.